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Balovatsky, at this time known as Capital, announced his first release Kuku Bra on 1 December 2015, through the single "Bra macht die Uzi". Three more singles have been released, including "Kuku Habibi", "Fluchtwagen glänzen" and "Kreide", all three alongside German rapper King Khalil. a (Fin) capital no pl (=angelegtes Kapital) capital investments pl flüssiges or verfügbares Kapital ready or available capital genehmigtes Kapital authorized capital er ist mit 35% am Kapital dieser Firma beteiligt he has a 35% stake in this firm 2021-04-23 · From Middle English capital, borrowed from Latin capitālis (“ of the head ”) (in sense “head of cattle”), from caput (“ head ”) (English cap). Use in trade and finance originated in Medieval economies when a common but expensive transaction involved trading heads of cattle. Old English did not have a distinction between uppercase and lowercase, and at best had embossed or decorated letters indicating sections.

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Ingående kapital/. Opening capital. Resultatdisposition/. Appropriation of result. Årets resultat/. Net Profit/loss for  Please visit our webpage for English lyrics of Fred Åkerström Kapital. You can find Fred Åkerström Kapital in English at

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Kapital in translation english, German - English dictionary, meaning, see also 'Kapital',Kapitän',Kapitel',Kapitalist', example of use, definition, conjugation capital noun (CITY) A2 [ C ] a city that is the centre of government of a country or smaller political area: Australia's capital city is Canberra. [ C ] the most important place for a particular business or activity: London used to be the financial capital of the world. More examples. 1.

Kapital in english

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Kapital in english

flodf ; flam ; 1lågt , hárfomi ; Stint , s . grans , inskränkning , propor : förråd ; fond eller kapital ; aftie ; tion , del .
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Kapital in english

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Enroll now if you want to take your English to the next level and to join the team of Explorers! You will learn: Understand what capital letters are for and different ways to use them. Recognise how the capital letters are different from lower case. Be aware of when to use a capital letter in written English. capital meaning in Hungarian » DictZone English-Hungarian dictionary.